Saturday, October 1, 2011

Support for Isabel Cisterna and the Ontario NDP

Today, I’d like to announce my support for Isabel Cisterna and the Ontario NDP. I believe in Isabel and in the goals of the Ontario NDP.

The reasons for which I join the Ontario NDP are simple: I believe strongly in the NDP policies for Ontario and I believe that Isabel Cisterna (the Kitchener-Waterloo candidate for the Ontario NDP) has great integrity, honesty and conviction.

I spoke with Isabel recently for approximately one hour. We covered a variety of topics and her answers made sense to me. Our public services need support at this time. Fundamentally our citizenry needs investment. I believe our long-term welfare needs the support of a provincial government that believes in a just society and that is the vision I believe the Ontario NDP brings.

It is my opinion that the largest issues at the provincial level are healthcare and transportation, followed by education. All of the parties want to reduce ER wait times, but the Ontario NDP also has a provision for dental care for low-income families. Dental care can result in huge cost burdens for individuals. As someone who has received my fair share of fillings, I depended on my company's coverage to take care of me. Those who work part-time or full-time without dental coverage can be faced with thousands of dollars in costs and many simply go without. The lack of attention on this is something I find surprising, it is a compassionate move and indicative of the kind of politics that I like. It is about finding real problems and addressing them.
I encourage those who supported me in my last election to continue to follow me where they feel it appropriate. I look forward to continuing to work with you over the coming months and years on those issues we hold dear.

Finally, however you vote, vote your vote. Don't fall to the pressure of peers or political parties. Do your research and then do what you think is right.

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