Saturday, April 16, 2011

University of Guelph

In this election we need to work hard to defend our democracy.  Never has this been more evident then in the recent story about the University of Guelph students who were almost DENIED the right to vote.

Let me make this perfectly clear: denying students the vote is an infringement on their rights.

The idea that a Conservative Party member reached for the ballot box is highly upsetting to me as I am sure it is to many Canadians. Unfortunately, I have to agree that it is indicative of a pattern that we have been seeing in the Conservative campaign - previously denying access to students and veterans at rallies. 

Special Ballots are a routine and important part of our democratic process.  They allow those who might not otherwise have a chance to vote to do so. This month is a bad one for students, with many in the midst of exams and moving just before election day. Interfering with this process is highly unusual and a real danger.

A lot of other people have been talking about this and I'm happy to see Elections Canada making the right decision.  For more on this, take a look below:

To the students of University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier, and the other institutions in K/W  - if any of you hear about anything like this then please let Elections Canada or one of the candidates know.  These are your rights!

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